Staff List

Teacher Qualifications

All full time teachers of grades K4 through 12 have at least a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent number of credit hours.

Name Degree Grade or Specialty
Cathy O'Brien M.S. K4
Wendy Gilliam M.A.T. K5
Deb Jackson B.S. First
Amber Stotler B.S. Second
Heather Grove B.S. Third
Beth Robinson B.S. Fourth
Harmony Covalt B.S. Fifth
Dawn Horn B.S. Sixth
YoungSook Anderson M.S., M.A. P.E.
Haley Keppel B.A., M.A.T. History
Unhee Thacker B.A. Music/Choir
Bonnie Mersereau M.S. English
Lakin Sellers B.A. Art/Drama
Zulma Sadelson B.A. Spanish/Health
Heather Reese B.A. Math
Diane Kidd B.A. Guidance
Cheryl Leisinger B.S. High School
Lisa Shoemaker B.S. Sciences
Taylor Wilson B.S. Resource Coordinator
Linda Hobbs A.P. Coordinator, SEVIS PDSO
Dave Hobbs M.S. Administrator