About Us

Heritage Academy is an independent Christian school providing a K4-12th grade educational program.

We work to both challenge and nurture our students, fostering their intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical growth. Our aim is that they not only become knowledgeable but that they learn to think well, to exercise discernment, and to continue to grow and positively impact those within their spheres of influence.

Quick Facts

  • Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:10
  • Enrollment: 224
  • Average Class Size: 16
  • 24% of current students are second generation
  • All Teachers hold Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
  • State-Approved School
  • Member ACSI
  • SAT Average: 1633 (2012-2016)* (old version out of 2400)
  • SAT Average: 1120 (2017-2019) (new version out of 1600)

*Does not include all ESL students’ scores

Our Students College Acceptances*

U of Maryland ◦ Messiah College ◦ West Point Academy ◦ Bryan College ◦ U of Alabama ◦ Columbia International U  ◦ Virginia Military Institute ◦ Shippensburg U  ◦ Cedarville  ◦ Eastern Mennonite U  ◦ Virginia Tech  ◦ Ohio U  ◦ U of Southern California  ◦ NC State  ◦ Clearwater Christian  ◦ Clarks Summit University ◦ Grove City College  ◦ Wheaton  ◦ Frostburg  ◦ Penn State  ◦ U of Cincinnati ◦ Geneva College  ◦ Concordia -Wisconsin  ◦ Boston College  ◦ George Washington U  ◦ and others…

For additional information, contact Stephanie Stamper at [email protected]

* There are various sources of college rankings available. One of them, FindTheBest, utilizes multiple criteria to assess over 8000 colleges and universities (http://colleges.findthebest.com/) and rates them on a scale of 0-100, expressed as a Smart Rating. Some of the colleges to which Heritage students have been accepted are listed above with the Smart Rating in parentheses.