2nd Grade Learns about the Life Cycle of a Chicken

The 2nd grade had 17 visitors in their class- eggs in fact!  Jeff Semler, Extension Agent with the University of Maryland, came on April 12th and presented a lesson on the life cycle of a chicken.  He had a special guest, a live hen, with him!  The class learned about the parts of a chicken and how God has uniquely created a chick to survive for 1-2 days after hatching without anything to eat or drink. Before coming out of the egg, the chick will suck up all the liquid inside which gives it sustenance for a day or two.  A highlight of Jeff’s lesson was seeing the live hen as he taught the class. After 21 days, seven of the eggs hatched.  Luke noted that the best thing about having the eggs in their classroom was seeing them hatch.

When asked about what they had learned, Sadie said, “It takes 21 days for a chick to hatch”. Josh thought the chicks looked ugly when they came out of their shell, and Julia said the chicks were “all wet and slimy”.  All of the hatched chicks headed home with students.  When asked which chick was his favorite Miguel said, “the one with the hairy legs”.