Middle School Students Enjoy Retreat

This year the seventh and eighth graders went on their first ever junior high retreat. Our principal had noticed in his many years of being a principal and a teacher that schools focus more on kindergarten and also more on the high school, and they didn't really give as much attention to the middle schoolers. So in order to change this, Mr. Hobbs put together our first ever junior high retreat, at Cedar Ridge. We were able to stay overnight in their cabins. We started out the day in downtown Hagerstown and took a tour and ate lunch at the Miller house, which is a very historic and beautiful. We left there and headed to Cedar Ridge. We unloaded the bus and got everything situated with our bunks, then met Mr. Hobbs in the dining hall so he could give us instructions on what to do. The seventh and eighth grade student council met before our retreat so we could figure out what games we wanted to play while we were there. We came up with a lot of games and had to narrow it down to only a few. It was not easy! The first few hours we were there, we played multiple games which included mummy, superman tag, and underground pastor, etc. All of these games were a lot of fun and they included lots of running. After that we had dinner- pulled pork sandwiches, meatballs, salad and of course drinks. From the reaction I saw, it must have been very good. When dinner was over, we played underground pastor and another game called Kick The Can. Kick the Can is a game Mr. Hobbs wanted to play, and a couple of weeks before we even came to Cedar Ridge, he was bragging about how he was going to beat us. Well, Mr. Hobbs did all the bragging just to lose miserably. At night we went to the fire pit, roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and screeched to the top of our lungs singing Disney songs, specifically “Let It Go”. It was so much fun! The next morning we got up at seven to meet for an amazing breakfast which consisted of two kinds of baked French Toast, one apple and one regular, fruit parfaits, sausage and egg casseroles. That was probably my favorite meal! We had chapel and an archery demonstration by Mr. Wilson, then went outside to play more games. We played our messiest game yet, shaving cream twister. It was fun, but we also got really shaving creamy and had to be rinsed off by a hose with some of the coldest water I have ever felt. We all agreed that Mrs. Kidd, who was hosing us off, was having a little too much fun with it. It felt so good to get into nice, clean, warm, dry, clothes. When we were finished drying off and dressed, Mr. Hobbs said it was time to clean up camp. Everyone had a job to do, cleaning up the cabin, cleaning up the bathrooms, the boys packed the bus. Every one of us wished the retreat could have been longer. It was so much fun to just run around and be with all of our friends. All in all I think our first ever junior high retreat was a great success. Thank you to all the mothers who made and provided the awesome food for us and to Mr. Hobbs who made it all possible.

Written by Sophia Nield- 8th grade