Student offers middle school volleyball recap

The championship game was extremely exciting. I think we were a little nervous, at least I know I was. Yet, we all had a lot of fun together by being out there on the court. I am so happy that we were able to go to the championship and win it all.

We were all kind of sad Sofia couldn’t be there, but Kendall was able to step up and be a major help to the team. I think it is neat because if someone gets upset about making a mistake, we will always try our best to cheer them on. One example from the game Saturday--Kendall made a mistake and she was getting upset and everyone came together and cheered her on so she was able to gather herself and get the pass up.

We were all really excited and also very pumped for the entire game. I think the way we were all able to obtain that energy on the court was that everyone on the bench cheered and was just very excited. So we were able to stay motivated even if someone did make a mistake.

I think we were all a little sad that we did lose one game during the regular season because we wanted an undefeated 8th grade year. It is fine that we did lose because that was God’s plan to lose that one and go to the championship and win!! We were all just extremely happy that we won!

Written by Gloria Clark 8th grade