Who Dunnit?

Do you love suspense? Do you enjoy mystery? Well, this year’s drama production, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Mallen Hall, is sure to be one you do not want to miss! Sherlock Holmes, the famous British private detective, is called upon when Emily Lathem, daughter of the late Sr. Howard Latham of Mallen Hall, finds herself with no where to turn. Her father has died and she believes it was murder. Her brother, Rodger, disagrees and believes hiring Sherlock Holmes is a preposterous idea. However, Rodger was the sole heir of his father’s great fortune, and with his recent failed business ventures, he is not looking too innocent himself. Neither is his wife, Irene. In fact, the farther Sherlock digs into the case, the more everyone is looking guilty…the maid, the police detective and even Emily Latham herself! Was Howard Latham murdered? If so, who did it? Find out this November 17 and 18 as Heritage Academy brings you, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Mallen Hall. The performances start at 7pm in the auditorium at Heritage. You are also invited to join us for a cuppa English tea and dessert starting at 6:15pm. We sure hope to see you there! Admission is by donation.