How to Apply

  • Complete the New Student Application and submit the $75 non-refundable application fee by mail or in-person to the school office.

  • When we receive your application the school secretary will call you and arrange a date and time for your interview with the school Administrator and for testing.

    Testing and Evaluation Fee (non-refundable due at or prior to testing; $75 for each student in 1st through 12th grades, $25 for each student in K5, no fee for K4.) Testing results are a factor in determining grade placement.

Heritage Academy, Inc. has a non-discriminatory/non-denominational policy with regard to race, color, and national origin as relating to student admissions as well as employment and financial assistance.

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Tuition Rates & Fees

Enrollment Fees:  (non-refundable)

Application Fee
$75.00 per family
Testing & Evaluation Fee
$75.00 per student (1st – 12th grade)
$25.00 per student (K5)
No Fee (K4)
Registration fee
Annual Fee $75 per student

Tuition Rates (2024/2025)

1st Child
2nd Child
3rd Child
All Others
K4 (3 & 5 DAY OPTIONS)
$4,400 / $5,065

Tuition Rates (2023/2024)

K4 (3 & 5 DAY OPTIONS)
$4,190 / $4,824
1st Child - $6,851
2nd Child - $6,260
3rd Child - $4,452
All Others - $2,740
1st Child - $7,332
2nd Child - $6,599
3rd Child - $4,766
All Others - $2,933
$500 per new student referred to Heritage will be credited toward referring family's tuition account.
Only one name can be listed as a referral on the new student application.Referring family must be named at the time of enrollment on the new student application.
50% of the referral credit will be realized when the new student has completed each semester*.

* The referral credit will be prorated for late enrollments

We welcome our International Students into the Heritage family.  Our desire is that our international students feel welcomed into a caring and Christ-centered environment and take part in school activities.  Heritage offers a safe community where a Biblical worldview is the foundation of the school culture, philosophy, and mission.  Students will live with Christian host families, will learn about our faith, attend weekly chapel services in school, and attend church with their host family.

Become A Host Family: Being a host family brings you as close to being a global missionary as you can be without leaving your home!  As a host family, you will be one of the early, friendly faces our international students will meet.  Involving your international student in daily life and conversation will help them to develop their English skills and allow them to discover what it is like to be part of an American family.  A hosting fee is included in the international tuition.  This covers room and board, transportation of the student to an from school, and inclusion of the the student in everyday activities of the family.  The student is responsible for long-distance telephone service, internet (other than that provided by the host family), clothing, cosmetics and toiletries, medical care, special foods, tutoring, standardized testing fees, and special travel undertaken with the host family.

Communication with the student’s family and their host family will take place on a monthly basis to ensure that the living arrangements are going smoothly.  Many students choose to return home during Christmas vacation and those arrangements are the responsibility of the natural family.

For more information about our International Program contact us  

  • Complete New Student Application

  • Submit the following documentation and the completed application: Two years of report cards, translated to English; Transcript; Release of Records Form; TOEFL score or equivalent English proficiency assessment scores; Writing samplesArrange a date/time for a Skype/WeChat interview (You will be contacted with id numbers.)

  • If accepted, submit all completed documents included in the application packet, including $535 registration/application fee.

  • Upon receiving all required forms and payment, Heritage Academy will issue the student an I-20.

  • After receiving an I-20, the student will need to make arrangements to apply for an F-1 visa.

  • Parents will need to contact an insurance agency to arrange for student health insurance to cover the student while he/she is in the United States. Documentation verifying coverage will need to be provided to Heritage Academy prior to the student’s attending school.

    As part of the application process, Heritage Academy requires either a TOEFL iBT or Duolingo score in the following ranges:

    Incoming 9th grade TOEFL-44-49  Duolingo-75
    Incoming 10th grade TOEFL-50-55 Duolingo-80
    Incoming 11th grade TOEFL-56-61 Duolingo-85
    Incoming 12th grade TOEFL-62-67 Duolingo-90

    * Other recognized English proficiency assessment scores, such as an iTEP SLATE score, may be submitted.

    In addition to regular academic classes, International Students are required to take a daily International Seminar which offers support in the acquiring of English language skills, as well as all other academic classes.

Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship empowers families to make school choices that are right for their educational needs. The Hope Scholarship program offers qualifying West Virginia’s K-12 students an opportunity to build an individual learning experience that works best for their child. Awarded recipients may use this scholarship for tuition at Heritage Academy.  For more information please contact Colleen Dahn at

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