Being an Eagle

The purpose of the Athletic Department at Heritage Academy is to promote the development of Christian athletes and coaches through teamwork, self-discipline, conditioning, sacrifice, development and implementation of strategy, commitment and leadership.

One of our expectations is that our athletic program and all those associated with it –coaches, athletes, parents, and fans- will exhibit speech and actions consistent with Biblical principles and sportsmanship. The concept of TEAM is emphasized over individual preferences. We need to support our teams and our program in a manner that is reflective of a commitment to upholding our identity as a Christian school in every aspect.

We participate in the Mason Dixon Christian Conference for league play the following sports.

Middle and High School Boys Sports
  • Soccer (Fall)
  • Basketball (Winter)
  • Baseball (Spring)
Middle and High School Girls Sports
  • Volleyball (Fall)
  • Basketball (Winter)
  • Soccer (Spring)


Heritage Academy is now a National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) affiliated school. NASP is the nation's largest youth archery organization beginning in 2002 as a partnership between the KY Dept of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Education, and Mathews Archery. Using the Mathews Genesis bow, NASP is utilized by over 13,500 schools nationally in grades 4-12. NASP offers highly structured and rewarding archery instruction to public, private, and home-schooled students through PE classes as well as local, state, and national tournament opportunities. Certified NASP instructors (most often teachers and/or parents from the school) use the 11 steps of archery success building skill and self confidence in students from any background with or without previous athletic experience. Heritage Academy fields a competitive team of archers at both elementary and secondary levels. Matt Wilson serves as the NASP Archery Coach for Heritage Academy.  Find out more at

If you are interested in learning more about our Athletic Programs, please contact the Athletic Director, Allison Hammond, at [email protected] to schedule a meeting or tour our facilities.

Our Coaches

Coach Anderson
Coach K. Grove
Coach Propst
Coach Sadelson
Coach Kidd
Coach J. Grove
Coach Moore
Coach Barney
Coach Leasure
Coach Wilson
Coach Hammond

If you are interested in coaching at Heritage Academy, please contact the AD for a Coach's Application.

Eagles' Championships


  • MDCC Tournament Champions Varsity Girls Volleyball 2016
  • MDCC Tournament Champions Varsity Girls Basketball 2016-17
  • MDCC Tournament Champions Varsity Girls Volleyball 2017
  • MDCC Tournament Champions Varsity Girls Volleyball 2018
  • MDCC Tournament Undefeated Season Champions Middle School Boys Basketball 2018-19


  • MCST Tournament Champions Varsity Girls Volleyball 2015
  • MCST Tournament Champions Varsity Girls Volleyball 2017